Prices 2019

Spring and fall clean-up (Pick up sticks, clean out flower beds, raking etc) $32 per man hour)
Weeding by hand- $28.00 per man hour
Lay or pull up weed barrier. $25.00 per man hour
Spread Fertilizer -$20.00 per man hour
Shrub and Bush Trimming -$12 a bush for up to 4 feet tall. 4-6 feet tall $18 each
Laying Mulch -$32.00 a cubic yard to lay bagged mulch $40-$45 a cubic yd to lay bulk mulch. (Does NOT include mulch)
Lay Decorative Rock- Quoted by the job
Transplant small shrubs $35.00 per man hour
Vacation Watering $20.00 per man hour
Invasive Plant removal (IE- English Ivy, Garlic Mustard, Mile a minute etc. ) $30.00 per man hour
Poison Ivy and Poison Oak Removal $60.00 per man hour.  (If either are found during weeding, we will stop weeding and discuss with client of how to proceed next.)
No mileage charge within 10 miles of Jackson Ave, Ann Arbor. Anything over will be a nominal charge.
Lawn Bags are .50 cents each or you can provide your own

(All prices are for man hour.) Ex: 3 gardeners work 2 hours each on your property, you would be charged for 6 man hours.

Other services will be quoted by the job. If you aren't sure if we do something just ask!