Just a few of SO MANY testimonials. We love our customers!

"Went to work with 3 Ft weeds in my front yard. I hardly recognized my own house, when I got home" -- Dan,

"Used Just Weed It on a weekly basis. Was always happy with the work" -- Bill

"Your staff did an amazing job today. Thank you very much! It was so hot. Sorry all I had was water and popsicles. They work so hard!!!" --Kathleen

"The team was wonderful, polite, even enthusiastic.  Love them and tipped them! Lisa

"Thank you so much for your team's amazing services this summer - it made a world of difference!" --Ketti

"Timely, professional and great work!"--Barb

"The staff of Just Weed It are friendly, polite, on time and very hard working. They are meticulous in their work and carefully spend time doing what you ask them to..."--Brian

"Just Weed It is a wonderful company. They are efficient, clean up after themselves, as thorough as need be and friendly to their customers. That includes giving us a good price."--Martha 

"Just wanted to let you know that your crew did a *fantastic* job here yesterday.  Everything looks 110% better and they certainly worked hard all day." --Stuart