Here's a bit about Just Weed It.  Deb, the owner grew up on a farm. Her dad raised pigs and chickens as well grew food to sell. Her mother enjoyed gardening for pleasure. She had lots of flowers and plants and wonderful pear that flourished, as well as other fruit trees. Deb helped her mom, and really liked it. Once moving away from the Thumb area and the family farm, Deb began gardening at her new home in Ann Arbor. Her spouse saw how much she enjoyed it, and suggested that she start her own company. 

After a lot of research Deb and Dorene (Spouse) saw there was a need for garden maintenance, especially weeding. Thus Just Weed It began! Dorene created a little parody tune based on Just Beat It, put an ad on Craigslist offering our services, and the rest is history!

Year one it was Deb only. She had plenty of clients to keep her busy. Everyone loved her work ethic, and she began receiving more referrals than she could handle. The following year, Just Weed It had 2 employees.

Each year since 2013 Just Weed It has really grown. (No pun intended), and added more and more employees each spring. Most are college students. Some employees return the following year, and some graduate and begin their careers in fields such as business, social work, education etc.

In year 2018 Deb took the course needed to be a master gardener. She learned a lot about native plants, flower diseases, climate and  more. That year we began doing more and more lay-outs out of gardens, as well as just maintaining them. 

Through our years of service one thing hasn't changed and won't.   Just Weed It is based upon two things: Integrity and Excellent Work Ethic. Dorene, who is a previous Human Resources Executive helps Deb to find and hire those individuals, who have both. We will not just hire a "warm body" even in times when the unemployment rate is very low. We will sacrifice growing the company quickly, if it means that we will not be able to do the best job, for our customers!