Prices 2023

We have simplified our pricing. All services listed below are billed at $44 a man hour except for poison ivy removal. 
If you would like maintenance (Weeding and Trimming) on a weekly basis you will receive a 15% discount each time we come out. Bi-Weekly customers get a 10% discount. 

What is a man hour?

Let's say a job will take 6 hours. We send a team of (3) and they are there (2) hours, that is considered 6 man hours.  (3 people times 2 hours each) You'd be charged $240.   If we send just one person for 6 hours the charge would be the same $240.  

(We have a 2 hour minimum, except for poison ivy it is a one hour minimum)

Spring and fall clean-up (Pick up sticks, clean out flower beds, raking etc)
Weeding by hand
Lay or pull up weed barrier. Spread Fertilizer -Shrub and Bush Trimming 
Labor to Lay Mulch (Mulch is an additional charge)
Lay Decorative Rock
Transplant small shrubs 
Vacation Watering
Invasive Plant removal (IE- English Ivy, Garlic Mustard, Mile a minute etc. )
Poison Ivy and Poison Oak Removal $100.00 per man hour.  (If either are found during weeding, we will stop weeding and discuss with the client of how to proceed next.)

Other services will be quoted by the job. If you aren't sure if we do something just ask!
Lawn Bags are $1.00 each or you can provide your own.
***We do NOT offer haul away service!***